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The Editorial Team

Rona Kreekel

Rona Kreekel started re-enactment in 1995 with her husband and daughters. She is as interested in sprang as she is in old languages or sovereigns. She has an eye for costume detail and is well known for her sewing and embroidery. Rona joined the editorial team in 1999.

[ Rona Kreekel ]

Kees Huyser

Kees Huyser started Viking re-enactment in 1994 in Dorestad Sibbe. He loves songs and stories and finds things about the Vikings on the Internet that didn't even know themselves they were there. Kees is the man behind the layout of ═■rˇttir. He has been a member of the editorial team since 1997/1998.

[ Kees Huyser ]

Renate Greiner

Renate Greiner started Viking re-enactment in 1995 in Dorestad Sibbe. She tries to focus on textile crafts and cooking but is sidetracked at times. She is more interested in how things were done (and the authentic portrayal thereof) than in kings or wars, and prefers small museum markets to large trade events. Renate joined the editorial team in January 2005.

[ Renate Greiner ]

Torsten Neuer

Torsten started Viking re-enactment in 2001 and likes to try his hand at every craft, from tablet weaving to carving bone to making his own tools etc. He enjoys open-air working holidays and is the designer and webjarl of these pages. Torsten joined the editorial team in January 2005

[ Torsten Neuer ]

Roland Warzecha

Roland started Viking Age re-enactment in 1992 and is researching and reconstructing Historical European Martial Arts of the early to late Middle Ages. He is a professional illustrator (the artist behind the ═■rˇttir covers) and joined the editorial team in 1999. Roland can be reached on the Internet through his homepage (www.gutgezeich.net) or the homepage of his re-enactment group (www.hammaborg.de).

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[ Roland Warzecha ]

Trine Theut

Trine is a self-taught artist, author, illustrator, art school teacher, and project organiser. She lives near Ribe with her family, and her work has been shown in exhibitions in various parts of Denmark. Her illustrations of people and nature do not only grace her own books about the Viking age as well as those of others, but also posters, folders, educational and other material of various museums and nature organisations.For many years, Trine has also spent 4 months each summer on the staff of the Ribe Vikingecenter, working both as an artist (historical pottery, silver smithing, and glass bead making) and as an educator.

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[ Trine Theut ]

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