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The ═■rˇttir Website

The ═■rˇttir website was primarily created to provide an additional service to the subscribers of the ═■rˇttir magazine and is in no way intended to replace the written publication. There is general agreement amongst our readers (and editors) that nothing beats being able to sit on your sofa or lie on your elk skin with hard copy in your hands.

Still, there are times when sharing information in between issues would be desirable, such as short-term announcements of markets or exhibitions which can't wait until publication of the next issue. And on some issues, the information to be shared would exceed the scope of the magazine, such as for example hyperlinks to relevant information on the internet, bibliography notes on specific subjects, or real-time discussions.

Dates and locations of upcoming events are of interest not only to our subscribers but also to the more general public. Therefore this part of the Calendar is freely accessible to everyone. Further specific information relevant to prospective participants is available in our Subscriber Area.

Also avaible freely is the general Links directory which provides links to museums, shops, re-enactment groups and societies, and relevant general knowledge sites which may be of interest not only to re-enactors but also to anyone fascinated by re-enactment and/or the Early Middle Ages. For our subscribers, we offer special interest sections with the intent of accumulating hyperlinks and bibliographical references on specific subjects.

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