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Autumn 2008

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  • Book Report: Bowyer's Bible, Vol. IV
  • Viking Shield found near Trelleborg
  • The Truth about the Picts
  • The Inuit didn't do it (on Skraelings)
  • 3D Vikings in Stockholm?
  • Decapitated on a Barrow
  • Authentic Hoods
  • English Followers of French Fashion
  • Viking Treasure in Iron Age Grave
  • Leif Erikson Day
  • Stockholm Numismatic Institute
  • Viking Stave Church uncovered
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Mass Execution in Oxford
  • Mastermyr (Replica) Exhibition
  • The Assassination of Godfrey the Hunchback


09.10.2008 - Re-enactors' Stuff Stolen !
As we heard recently, the personal belongings (car, equipment, etc.) of two German re-enactors had been stolen. If you should encounter any of the stolen items during your travels or on online auctions, please contact Christoph Roeser via his homepage (http://www.knochennadel.de/).
Please find a list of the stolen equipment at
and photos of the equipment at

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